Internal Complaint Committee

Date of Establishment: 5th December, 2016


1. To handle harassment complaints as per the sexual harassment of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013.

2. To establish dignity, self-esteem and respect for male/ female students and faculty without any gender bias in the system.

3. To create a comfortable and healthy environment for everyone associated with the institution.

Internal Complaint Committee Member list

Sr. No. Name Designation Role in Committee
1 Ar. Prajakta Chakravarty Associate Professor Presiding Officer
2 Ar. Jayaalaxmie Deshmukh Faculty Member Member
3 Mr. Girish Doshi Design Chair Member
4 Mrs. Medha Deo Sr. Clerk Member
5 Mr. Mahesh Pardeshi Jr. Clerk Member
6 Ms. Rewa Potnis Senior Student Student Member
7 Ms. Akansha Sethi Junior Student Student Member
8 Mr. Shreevardhan Joshi Senior Student Student Member
9 Adv. Heena Punjabi Trustee NGO

Office No. +91 8380 886 066

Email- [email protected]

Local Police Station No. 020-26970547

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