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Bachelor of Architecture


The 5-year program equips students with necessary skills to practice architecture while understanding the foundation and technical aspects and deploying skills in a creative and imaginative manner.

Course Overview

From the very first day of college, you can explore the field and break through creative boundaries, while gaining hands-on experience that offers the foundation and tools to succeed.

Be inspired by leading academicians and professionals in the field of architecture!

The Profession and Education of Architecture in India are regulated by the Council of Architecture, a national statutory body, and followed by the various Universities & Schools of Architecture across the country.

The course involves about 20 mandatory subject streams along with optional electives that enrich knowledge and serve as pre-specialisations. The course also includes a semester of practical training, a compressed avatar of apprenticeship.

Typically, the early years focus on skill building and knowledge sharing, while the later years focus on the application of the knowledge with the skills, and thereon to further exposure & specialization.

The syllabus for the entire course in Architecture is available at the website of the University of Pune.

Course Quick Info

  • The Thinking Lab / Studio (Theories Society based)
  • Dedicated Experts
  • The Construction Lab / Studio (Science & Technology based)
  • The Design Lab / Studio (Application & Creation based)
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