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Girish Doshi

Girish Doshi

Brief Biography:

After studying architecture at BKPS College of Architecture, Pune in 1979, Girish Doshi apprenticed for seven years at Sangath, Ahmedabad, with the eminent architect Dr.Balkrishna Doshi. He returned to Pune in 1987 to start his architectural practice, an integral part of which has been his involvement with academics at various institutes in the city.

Studio “Navkar” is an inclusive and participatory practice, wherein each team member and stakeholder is encouraged to be involved at every level of a project. The studio engages with design at various scales, from furniture to campus, with equal rigor and always guided by an aspiration for the elusive qualities of Beauty, Inspiration and Joy. This search is revealed in the appropriate use of colour as occasional celebrations against a muted, often white, background that represents Silence, Serenity and Solitude.

A focus on energy-conscious architecture reflects in the sensible incorporation of traditional principles of natural ventilation and passive cooling. Yet, it is Light that plays a decisive role in Girish Doshi’s construction of space and place, derived by transcending the idea of architecture as a mere manipulation of form. Authentic use of material, pure geometry and an intimate dialogue with nature provide the formwork for a play with light.

The team has worked and hopes to continue working, driven by the faith that seeking the aesthetic truth of these ideas will in some measure contribute toward dignifying human existence.

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