Brick 10 On 10 2017

Brick 10 On 10 2017

Brick 10 on 10 events took place in PVG auditorium on June 9th, 2017.

Event Highlights:

This event was organized to provide a platform for students and faculty of Brick School to demonstrate their work done for design in the last academic year. The aim of the event was to encourage the students to do good work and develop their ability to present it to a larger group. For the students, this was a learning opportunity to enhance their design and audio-visual presentation skills.

The event was graced with the presence of renowned Architect Shirish Ber.

The core faculty along with the design chair and principal, visiting faculty, parents of the students and the students marked their presence for this event. The event was organized with coordination with core faculty and students’ council and the volunteers.

Ar. Minu Joshi gave a brief introduction of the event and its format. Ar. Prajakta Chakrawarty explained the concept of Brick 10 on 10 events, the three labs of Architecture and the motive of the program.

There were two presentations of 10 minutes from each of the batches. These included one presentation from each of the terms. There were 8 presentations from 4 consecutive batches of B.Arch. And 2 presentations from RDID. Each design faculty had given a brief of the design exercise and nature of the studio followed by the student presentation.

Chief guest Shirish Beri Sir gave his comments after first six presentations. These presentations were done by the students of the first, second and third year of architecture and the final year of RDID.

The first-year design was introduced by design faculty Ar. Minu Joshi. This design was based on basic design principles, where students were supposed to design an architect’s office. From first-semester, Sharvari Rajwade had presented the design. The second-semester design was presented by Vijay Gayakwad of the same batch.

Second Year design was introduced by Ar. Prajakta Chakrawarty. The third-semester design was proposed with consideration for a real client, who is a famous cartoonist Mr. Charuhaas Pandit. Students were expected to design a residence cum office for him. Sahil Lunia had presented this design. The fourth-semester design was about giving the real solution to the community that is based in a slum area of Ahmednagar. Prashant Katkide from the fourth year had presented his design highlighting his approach towards thorough site analysis and process.

Ar. Shweta Kalamkar had briefed about the design explorations of Research-Based Interior Design students. One of the given two presentations was based on adaptive reuse of an office building of Ar. Khushroo Irani into a Restaurant. This design was presented by Harshal of fourth-year RDID. The second design was based on commercial interiors. The site was a shop in Ishanya Mall Pune and was proposed for a real client Word bookstore. Piysh Gothi had presented his design with research and analysis based approach. Both the students had demonstrated their presentations with strong computer graphic skills.

The first part of the event was over with these six presentations followed by the comments by the chief guest. He had commented on improving the architectural vocabulary of the students. To the faculty, he suggested inserting more teaching aids in various art forms that sensitize the creative ideas. This may happen by paintings, poems, songs etc. Also highlighted that the exposure that students get at present is so vast, and they get so much of knowledge that they shall unlearn what is not important. This he termed as “Creative Unlearning”.

Ar. Abhang Kamle briefed about the third year architecture design studio. The first term of third-year design exercise was about museum design. This was presented by Rishabh Agarwal. He demonstrated his detailed analysis to understand the various cultural elements of Pune city and tried to incorporate many of them in his design. The second term of the third year was on services based design with a cultural insert in city Nanded. This presentation was given by Om Patil. He presented it very well with his thorough thinking process of understanding the area, people, and architecture. In his design, he considered the segregation of public, semi-public and private spaces.

Fourth-year design studio was introduced by Ar. Manali Deshmukh. The studio for the fourth year first term was designed for mass housing studio with the consideration of various housing theories like Pattern Theory. This was presented by Kunal Nawandar in a very elaborate way. He first explained various concepts of housing like chawal housing and then showed how he incorporated all those housing concepts in his project. The project was well presented in a graphical format and in time. The fourth-year second term project was planned considering the real scenarios of the city of Pune. The insert of Metro and its effect on the surrounding and the urban fabric was taken into account, in transit-oriented development (TOD). This project gave the students a confidence to handle large-scale projects and to work collaboratively with a large group. The project was presented by Aishwarya Misal which was based on the vision of the group and the urban insert of a mixed-use building of commercial complex integrated with the bus stand and metro station.

At the end of all the presentations by the students, Ar. Shirish Beri appreciated the level and scale of the projects that were appropriately given to the respective batches. He gave a beautiful presentation of his approach towards life and architecture. He shared his approach towards life and its impact on the designs. He described his principals of life, that are silenced, oneness with nature, compassion, and empathy for everyone and simplicity. These entire attributes were very well presented through his designs and also by the life events. He made his presentation even more impactful through inserts of his own poems and paintings. He closed his speech with a thought which said: “It’s always a matter of choice”. He asked the students to think about it and to make right choices in life.

The event came to an end with an admiring speech by Principal Poorva Keskar. She expressed her gratitude towards Ar. Shirish Beri and all the present faculty, visiting faculty, students and parents of the students. A promise was made to make Brick 10 on 10 years 2018 more effective, successful and grand next year.

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