Satish Misal Educational Foundation

President of the Foundation

Smt. Madhuri Misal

Dedicated, compassionate, philanthropic, visionary, are just some of the words that best describe the pillar of the Satish Misal Education Foundation – Smt. Madhuri Misal. A member of the Legislative Assembly Pune and the Public Undertaking Committee of Govt. of Maharashtra, she contributes immensely to the benefit of the city and its people. She has also been a former member of the Pune Municipal Corporation and is currently on the advisory board of Pune Vidyarthi Griha. She is also an elected member Trustee of the renowned SP Mandali.

Her leadership has been integral in the development of the city’s infrastructure – right from enabling better commute to creating refreshment centers and new modern-age parking facilities. She has also been a catalyst in the restoration of heritage structures in Pune and has ensured that the architectural beauty and cultural charm of historic places aren’t disturbed while uplifting their image.

Her contribution in the field of education is undeniably generous and resourceful. Every year, she awards scholarships to over 250 deserving yet underprivileged children so that they can pursue their dreams of a bright future. Conducting career counseling and guidance centers for secondary and higher secondary students, donating notebooks and computers, building libraries, facilitating financing through bank loans for students, are some of her extraordinary initiatives to promote a fair learning opportunity in the city. She has also introduced the ‘Vidya Vyaas Puraskar’ to award the exemplary young performers in the teaching industry.

She has been the guiding light for the organizational and the city’s development and continues to inspire young and old minds alike.

Satish Misal Educational Foundation (SMEF)

Educational Purpose

While connecting innovative workplace to intellectual learning, it’s our endeavor to produce trained professionals with the skills to address the design challenges of the 21st century. We equip students with the know-how of building sustainable communities, budget-friendly housing, well-equipped hospitals, and luxury hotels to boost infrastructural, economic, societal, and tourism development in urban and peri-urban areas. We prepare students to play a significant role in the development of our nation’s infrastructure, such as roads, rails, bridges and tunnels.

Through the architecture and design programs offered at our institutes, we provide the skills and methodologies necessary to adapt to and excel in the changing environments positioned to serve society. Along with learning their profession, students are also trained in areas like critical thinking, oral and written communication, problem analysis, computer applications and many other diverse areas of design and its affiliated disciplines. We promote research skills to inculcate a lifelong exploration journey and mental ability to communicate new ideas.

SMEF is well-equipped to deliver the most innovative methods of teaching, learning, ideation, research, and solutions for a better tomorrow.

Let’s Create a Sustainable Future!

Satish Misal Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at contributing towards an equitable, humane and sustainable society in India. An initiative of Ms. Pooja Misal, with the strong support of Smt. Madhuri Misal, the foundation aspires to create a long-term impact on both, the quality and equity of higher education in India, while also addressing issues related to health, nutrition, governance and ecology.

In order to create a large-scale impact in education, there is a need for dynamic institutions like The Brick Group of Institutes, where improvements in education and allied development areas can be generated at multiple levels. Thus, in order to deliver a significant and sustained change in the education society, the members of the Foundation work tirelessly towards making Brick a nexus of life-long learning.


To provide high-end technology and knowledge resources to students so that they can leverage the real estate and infrastructural growth to their advantage.

To create an innovative and resourceful learning environment for students.

To act upon the need of the hour to support eco-friendly systems and concerns for the environment through the learning process.


To promote the advancement of education in all its aspects in Maharashtra and in India.

To encourage education in all its branches, contributing towards a holistic learning experience.

To do all such things for the relief of the poor in terms of education and medical relief, as the Trustees may deem fit.


To provide quality education to design professionals with pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity while connecting theory and practical by engaging professionals, educators, and practitioners.

Our Philosophy

The core ideology of the foundation involves fresh talent creation while leveraging the existing talent pool of educators, functionaries and leading professionals. Knowledge creation is sought after by providing insights and solutions for challenges in education and development. Design institutions are built to actively develop talent, build knowledge and reform the creative education landscape in the country.

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