SMEF’s Brick Group of Institutes

Message from the Executive Director

A warm welcome to Brick Group of Institutes.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce a new platform where students can explore the creative design approaches of modern times and build a stunning future for themselves.

At Brick, it is our endeavour to offer an international study program that extends beyond the boundaries of the academic curriculum. Working with prominent faculty members from the industry, students get a chance to expand their knowledge, discover the world of design and confront the challenges faced by the modern built environment.

Studying at Brick is about opening new avenues of success. It’s about excelling at an individual discipline while understanding many others, exploring themes, and building passions that will give you the wings to go anywhere you want to be.

Our campus is an inspiring space designed to encourage stimulating thoughts and innovation. The creative hub is a living lab of craft and culture in Undri. The interior design and architecture courses have been developed integrating the richness and flavour of rich Indian education systems, and the technology and strength of modern education.

I invite parents and students to be a part of the Brick family, where we promote collaborative strategies for design thinking and offer students unparalleled training facilities.

Looking forward to building a better future together.

– Pooja Misal

Pooja Misal

SMEF's Brick Group of Institutes


To provide quality education to design professionals with pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity while connecting theory and practical by engaging professionals, educators, and practitioners.

Let’s Evolve Together

Welcome to the Brick Group of Institutes, a leading architecture and interior design college in Pune, recognized for its progressive faculty, global industry connections, and an inspiring campus community. We are agile, innovative and street smart, known to create success stories.

We have the capacity to delight the world by presenting the various ways in which design can transform it. With a wealth of leaders, resources and modern history at our doorstep, we provide the ability to learn and explore the built environment, unlike any other place. The result is an ideal destination for students like yourself to learn and develop design skills for now and the future.

You will get an opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals, work with industry-leading tools and practice working on real-world projects. Gear up for curious and innovative learning experiences at the Brick Group of Institutes.


To develop a creative hub at par with global standards of education.

To train students not just in their professional fields but also to become responsible and socially committed individuals who can make a significant contribution towards a sustainable and eco-friendly build environment.

To generate learning and development opportunities for the underprivileged sector of the society

To promote and develop research on the diverse areas of architecture and its interaction with other disciplines

Objectives of Brick

Focus on Students

Along with training great designers, we also inspire students to become leaders, innovators and positive contributors to our society. We aim for a holistic development of students with an emphasis on personality development and physical fitness.

Encourage Exposure & Engagement

We strive to expose young architects to important projects of a nation’s connectivity through rail, road, bridges, and tunnels which will assist in improving their capabilities as professionals. Students are made aware of the new challenges in the field of architecture with sustainable issues like green construction, eco-friendly designs, optimum use of solar energy, rainwater harvesting, etc. This understanding helps them engage in the issues with enduring solutions that help resolve complex problems in the built environment.

Strengthen Staff and Faculty

Our faculty inspires and directs all our academics – right from the foundation of design education to discovery and creation of novel concepts, techniques and products. Our staff ensures smooth delivery of our administrative services and partners with faculty members to ensure seamless education. We’re focused on identification and appointment of competent faculty possessing a balanced teaching and industry experience.

Commit to Excellence

A culture of excellence is cultivated in both, academic and non-academic areas to attract the highest calibre of students, staff and faculty members. We also continuously work towards upgrading the standards of pedagogy for excellence in teaching methods.

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