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The Brick fest, full of workshops and other events like exhibition, ended with Cultural night, brimming with enthusiasm by the students.  The cultural night had an agenda of Dance competition, combined with  Mannequin challenge by each class. There were in between performances by various individuals. The music club performed a musical performances, with some classical, bollywood and western music. The faculty was supposed to be a part of the mannequin challenge, but as they had not prepared it, all the faculty very sportingly got up on the stage and performed one, on the spot. The dance performances were full of themes and concepts. Some of them were random. Students took a lot of effort in organizing the costumes and makeup etc. This year we did miss any performance by the Drama and the Dance club. The performances were followed by award ceremony. The Architecture and RDID various toppers in various labs were felicitated by Ms. Pooja Misal, Ar. Poorva Keskar and Ar. Yatin Moghe. Also, the awards for photography competition were declared. The awards for mannequin challenge went to the Blue batch and dance competition was won by the Red batch. The program ended with dinner and dance. The suggestions for next year are,

  1. There needs to be a theme for the entire program, to be discussed with the faculty.
  2. All the performances to be screened by the faculty and only selected performances to be performed on the final night.
  3. No one is supposed to perform a solo performance without the permission of the faculty and screening by the faculty.
  4. There need to be some steps taken o improve the quality of performances.
  5. The various clubs should compulsorily perform at least one performance.

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