Design Competition


‘The Pandemic Memorial’
of remembrance and reflections

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in unimaginable ways. People across the globe have been grappling with challenges, coping with loss and battling with fear and uncertainty. We also during this time, became aware of the abuse we have put nature through, as we saw her miraculously heal during the lockdown when offline human activity had come to a standstill.

The Pandemic has deeply impacted our emotions as we struggled to adapt to a completely new lifestyle, a new normal. We moulted into a new skin with altered perceptions and transformed identities.

The Pandemic has brought in realizations the world over. It has given us valuable lessons and left us with complete humility as we witnessed the helplessness of Man before the power of nature.

Can we in some way preserve the lessons learnt, the realizations formed; treasure memories of lives lost and commemorate the new identities we donned during the Pandemic? it could be an evocative, designed space that combines function with form and integrates into the context.


The Memorial can be an installation or a designed built/unbuilt space that would be located in an urban centre. Participants can choose a strategic site in any urban centre with valid reasoning for the selection.

The Memorial can be an abstract expression like an urban installation that encapsulates powerful memories or sculpture in urban context.

The Memorial could be based on the portrayal of the dark side of the event or emerging from hope towards building resilience in a new normal or even completely radical perspective could be explored. The design exploration and connecting perceptions could be open to interpretation.

Team – Max. 4 student participants in one team

Please note:

  • The team may consist only of students, OR 1 Faculty as a mentor along with a max of 3 students.
  • The team may be multidisciplinary (For eg. 1 team consists of 1 Interior Design student, 1 Architecture student, 1 Urban Design student and 1 Anthropology student.)
  • One team can submit more than one entry.

  • Additionally, on registering for Design Competition, all participating students will receive a complimentary entry for all the Days of the Conference and will be able to attend all sessions and talks.


    This competition would provide an opportunity to Students (Bachelors or Masters) from any Design background i.e. Architecture, Design (any specialization), Urban design, Planning, Conservation, Anthropology, History, etc. to design a Memorial of remembrance and reflections that would capture the essence of the memory of the pandemic and the sentiments that came with it.


    Date Schedule
    25th April 2021 Announcement of the Design Competition
    15th May 2021 onwards Open for Enquiries
    1st June 2021 Registration begins
    1st Aug 2021 Deadline of Queries
    15th Aug 2021 Deadline of Submission of Entries
    24th to 26th Sept 2021 Conference

    Submission Guidelines

    • Drawings / images/words should be legible
    • Language used – English

    Submission Requirements

    • Concept note: Maximum of 1000 words (Including concept note, site selection, Idea, design elements, material, etc.). Size of the pdf file should not exceed 5MB
    • Sheets: 2 no of A2 sheets with drawings, sketches, views, photographs (at appropriate scale) size of pdf file should not exceed 100MB
    • Pre recorded presentation: 8 min (explaining the entire scheme) size of .PPTx or .MP4 file should not exceed 150 MB

    Please Note:

    Participants to only mention code numbers provided to them through email.

    Participants to refrain from:
    • 1. Mentioning their own name/ the name of the institute/ name of the university in any of the the submission requirements
    • 2. Using any logos of the institutions.


    1st Cash Prize: ₹ 35,000/- (with certificate)

    2nd Cash Prize: ₹ 15,000/- (with certificate)

    Templates For Submission

  • Concept Note
    Pre Recorded Presentation
    Declaration Form
  • Evaluation Criteria

    • Relevance to the Pandemic and connection to the theme of the conference
    • Experiential and Emotional Impact
    • Quality of design and clarity in expression
    • Seamless integration to the context
    • Creativity


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