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 International conference 
 Blurred boundaries: 
In search of an identity

24th, 25th & 26th Sept 2021

Identity is often perceived as an intangible set of associations wrapped around the historical memory of the built environment. However, with the transformative nature of any place, do notions of Identity metamorphose with time? Or, are they constant with renewed meanings and perceptions in the evolving context?

The amalgamation of historically diverse cultures and regions in the present globalised world has resulted in the cross-cultural synthesis of identities to produce asynchronous and interdependent global consciousness. Although boundaries have blurred, environmental psychologists argue that, now, more than ever, people crave a sense of belonging stemming from cultural identity. An Identity that promotes the feeling of ownership which translates into individual and collective responsibility. Identity, therefore, is one of the essential goals for a sustainable and resilient future of cities.

With capital-driven development, we see an impatient production of space that negates the holistic processes of space conception. The resultant is, an increasing conflict between man and nature; struggles around economic divide and social exclusion of the marginalized; negligence of historical narratives and a consequent altering of perceptions around cultural identity.

The notion of identity has become ambiguous, more fragile and on the verge of complete omission. There is therefore an urgent need for recalibrating existing design processes to evolve more resilient solutions that value and include evolving identities.

This conference would be an opportunity to trigger a discourse and provide a platform for the investigation of robust processes of exploration ‘in search of an identity’ in the urban and architectural realm within a global consciousness.

Organising Teams

  • MS. Pooja Misal
  • Convenor

  • Dr. Poorva Keskar
  • Co-Convenor

  • Ar. Manali Deshmukh
  • International Relations Chair
  • Ar. Sharduli Joshi
  • Conference Chair

  • Ar. Ketaki Gujar
  • Conference Chair

  • Ar. Rama Raghavan
  • Design Competition Chair
  • Shivangi Agarwal
  • Student Co-Convenor

  • Amay Rathi
  • Conference Student Co-Chair

  • Tanishqa Navalakha
  • Competition Student Co-Chair


  • Ar. Bhagyashree Bandekar
  • Communication Chair
  • Ar. Akshay Gandhi
  • Aditi Wadwale
  • Communication Co-chair
  • Rounak Tambi
  • Student Co-chair, Communication


  • Dr. Vaidehi Lavand
  • Research Chair
  • Ar. Shraddha Manjrekar
  • Ar. Ninad Rewatkar
  • Ar. Ramiya Gopalakrishnan
  • Research Co-Chair
  • Tanvi Abhyankar
  • Student Co-chair, Research


  • Ar. Noopur Rugvedi
  • Finance Chair
  • Mr. Chandan Chougule
  • Finance Co-Chair

    Design Competition

  • Ar. Rama Raghavan
  • Design Competition Chair
  • Ar. Sudhir Deshpande
  • Ar. Shraddha Gurjar
  • Design Competition Co-Chair
  • Tanishqa Navalakha
  • Student Co-chair, Design Competition


  • Ar. Ketaki Gujar
  • Ar.Sharduli Joshi
  • Ar. Rama Raghavan
  • Publication Co-chair


  • Ar. Girija Indulkar
  • Media Chair
  • Ar. Anurakti Yadav
  • Media Co-Chair, Media
  • Anunaad More
  • Media Co-Chair, Media

    International Relations

  • Ar. Manali Deshmukh
  • International Relations Chair
  • Ar. Divya Mallavarapu
  • International Relations Co-Chair
  • Ar. Garima Mutha
  • Student Co-chair, International Relations

    Onstage co-ordination

  • Ar. Divya Mallavarapu
  • Ar. Noopur Rugvedi
  • Emcee
  • Roshni Shethia
  • Aashritha Jaladi
  • Student Emcee

    Program Organisation

  • Ar. Anurakti Yadav
  • Technical chair
  • Ar. Anuradha Wanaskar
  • Ar. Shraddha Gurjar
  • Mr. Mushtaque Shaikh
  • Technical Co-chair
  • Yash Gore
  • Student Co-chair, Program Organisation

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