MS in Sustainable Design with Thomas Jefferson University

Architects of sustainable design, creators of a better future

About the program

Students will gain knowledge in the field by combining theoretical and applied expertise in the MS in Sustainable Design program from Thomas Jefferson University’s distinctive College of Architecture and the Built Environment. The program is designed to help students build problem-solving skills to develop market-driven innovations in order to lead economic, environmental, and societal sustainability for the 21st-century global community.


Learn to quantify and build your ideas in a collaborative environment, actualizing projects that range from high-performing sustainable design buildings to sustainable initiatives for non-profits and start-ups. Gain insights about the interconnected nature and constant evolution of sustainable practice through real projects with industry partners, providing networking opportunities and hands-on practice with real-world challenges.

Student Advantage

  • The strong integration with the design and sustainability community in Philadelphia will provide ample opportunities for internships, volunteer positions, and job placement.
  • Students study for the first two semesters online in India, with one class in person at the SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture. In the second year, students will move to the United States and take classes on campus at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.
  • After completion of this STEM-designated program, international students are eligible for an extension of the Optional Practice Training period and may reside in the United States for three additional years to work in their field.
  • Scholarship Program

    Qualified students who have been accepted into the program, shall be eligible to receive an International Institutional Partnership Scholarship. Thomas Jefferson University will offer a one- time total scholarship in the amount of Ten Thousand US Dollars ($10,000.00) to each qualified student to be divided evenly over the term. The scholarship is contingent upon the Program Student remaining in good standing and maintaining enrollment in the Program.

    Curriculum Overview

    The MS in Sustainable Design program, in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University, is typically completed in 24 months.

    Total credits- 33

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