MS in Sustainable Design with Thomas Jefferson University

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MS Sustainable Design Program in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University

Embark on a unique and innovative educational journey through the collaborative initiative between the Satish Misal Education Foundation's Brick Group of Institutes in Pune, India, and Thomas Jefferson University’s award-winning MS in Sustainable Design program. This innovative pathway offers a distinctive approach to earning an MS in Sustainable Design degree from Jefferson, providing students with the flexibility of starting their graduate studies in a hybrid/online format from India and seamlessly transitioning to in-person classes in the United States in Year 2.

Global Learning Experience:

  • Begin your MS in Sustainable Design program with the first year in India, complemented by an in-person class at the SMEF’s Brick Group of Institutes in Pune.
  • In Year 2, relocate to Philadelphia, USA, and immerse yourself in classes on Jefferson’s East Falls campus.
  • STEM-Designated Program Benefits:

  • Upon successful completion, international students are eligible for an extension of the Optional Practice Training period, allowing them to reside in the United States for three additional years for professional work in their field.
  • Cost-Efficient Learning:

  • Enjoy the advantages of studying in an online synchronous setting, minimizing cost-of-living expenses.
  • Be part of a motivated cohort experiencing the same high-quality courses taught by expert faculty both in the U.S. and Pune.
  • Qualified students are eligible for the International Institutional Partnership Scholarship, a one- time total scholarship of $10,000 US Dollars, evenly distributed over the two years.
  • Thomas Jefferson University’s MS in Sustainable Design Program Overview

    Building Sustainable Futures:

  • Integrate theoretical and applied expertise, including state of the art simulation software, to develop problem-solving skills for market-driven innovations.
  • Lead economic, environmental, and societal sustainability for the 21st-century global community.
  • Building Sustainable Futures:

  • Collaborate on projects ranging from high-performing sustainable design buildings and landscapes to initiatives for non-profits and start-ups.
  • Gain insights through real projects with communities, offering networking opportunities and hands-on practice with real-world challenges.
  • Strong integration with Philadelphia's design and sustainability community, fostering internships, volunteer positions, and job placement.
  • Curriculum Overview

    The MS in Sustainable Design program, in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University, is typically completed in 24 months, comprising a total of 33 credits.

    To apply, please visit the Thomas Jefferson University Brick Partnership program page here. Contact Jefferson to learn about available scholarships.

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