Brick school of architecture is starting it's regular online teaching and learning studios from 1st Aug 2020 for second to fourth year as suggested by you SPPU, UGC, Government Of Maharashtra Circular No. 116_13.062020



The Brick library and Reading hall is strategically located above the Admin block and houses 1638 Titles catering to the reading and reference needs for both Architecture, Interior design students and faculty.

Computer lab

The digital brain of Brick campus housing 40 computers with latest technology sits bang opposite to the library on level II. The whole campus is under Jio Wifi network for the benefit of students and faculty. Every year both the hardware and /or software is upgraded to meet the demands of the digital communication of design.

Exhibition Space

An all year round exhibition space for students is located at level I for reference and display of their own work.

Common rooms

Separate Girls and Boys rooms are provided for students to self study or rest or for group interactions.


The campus incorporates two big workshops for students to experiment with skills like carpentry, pottery, model making, fabrication, etc under experts guidance.

Material library

The material library is an extended part of the books library with an extensive variety of sample materials referred by both Architecture and Interior Design students.

Tarangan - Outdoor learning spaces

Another centrally located tiered amphitheater accesses from the “ Kanvinde” plaza showcases a variety of functional adaptions for group photos, cultural programs , interactions ,juries and presentations.

Kanvinde Plaza

KANVINDE PLAZA-has proved to be the most inviting space of brick offering multi-utility for various events ,activities and games and hence popularly acknowledged as “Courtness at its best “.

Gyan Kund

The stepped open air auditorium reminding us of the stepped pond at Modhera –Ahmedabad …is one of the most popular space of the students ,where informal talks, guest interactions, farewells and faculty- student dialogues and out of class teachings are held against the front Brick façade backdrop.

Outdoor Classes

Behind the studios, individual open classes are strategically located for having open interactions and outdoor learning experience.

Surveying & Leveling Lab

The Surveying and leveling lab contains all the necessary equipments for students to study and make use of whenever required under proper guidance of the faculty.

Climatology Lab

All the equipments required for academic climatic study are provided in the Climatology lab for purpose like measurement of light, etc.

Stationery Shop

The Brick campus inhabits its own stationery shop to facilitate the students with the necessary stationery as and when required.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Sports like and Cricket, Basket ball, football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Carom, etc are encouraged at the campus and the required infra is made available to the students.

Medical Care

The first aid facility is available on campus for emergencies and a tie up with a nearby local hospital is been made for immediate support.

Audio Visual Room

AV room has a capacity to house 80 seminar chairs and audio –visual facility serving a range of day to day activities like lectures, and workshops to yearly events, “open to all’ happenings on campus, seminars and public screenings.

Connecting Spaces

Various universally accessible spaces like ramps and bridges act as connecting ambiguous spaces at the campus. These elements add life accommodating various student activities.

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