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About SMEF’s Brick Group of Institutes

Educating Creators of the Future

At SMEF’s Brick Group of Institutes, education isn’t confined to classrooms, textbooks and exams. It goes beyond conventional learning and teaching techniques to encompass a global approach. For us, learning opportunities are endless. Whether it’s during an extra-curricular activity, a research project or while working on a social cause, students learn multi-dimensional academics that make them better designers and creators of the future.

We’re reinforcing a culture of innovation and experimentation to expand the discipline of design, and change the world. We encourage students to strengthen their knowledge of the past and present and gain insights into the future, to contribute towards a better built environment. Our undergraduate programs present a unique blend of both, intensive research and lots of collaboration. Together, this fosters an environment of productivity and collective learning.

The precise and rigorous design training builds the foundation to push students beyond their comfort zones. As an institute, our goal isn’t just to teach the best design practices to our students, but to prepare them professionally to meet the current and future challenges of our industry.

As we move forward in our journey of educating and transforming bright and creative young minds, we are assured of a hopeful future that’s beautiful, sustainable and fair – to humanity, the environment and global culture.

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