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The Anti-Ragging Committee has been found to curb any form of ragging in or outside of the campus.
The Committee shall take an appropriate action with regard to punishment or otherwise depending upon the nature of the incident.

Aims of the committee are:

  • To create ragging free environment.
  • To create awareness amongst the students about the consequence of such a acts.
  • To help to create cordial relation among students.
  • To create awareness amongst the students of the importance of self confidence and repercussion of hampering it.


Sr. No Name Designation Role
0 Ms. Pooja Misal Director Chairperson
1 Ar. Poorva Keskar Principal In Charge Member Secretary
2 Ar. Girish Doshi Design Chair Member
3 Smt. Madhuri Misal Member of NGO Member
4 Mr. Sanjay Mayekar Media Representative Member
5 Mr. Sunil Patil Police Representative Member
6 Mr. Yuvraj Dhanwade Local Resident Member
7 Mr. Pratap Bhagwat Parent Representative Member
8 Mrs. Rupali Dhanwade Non Teaching Staff Member Secretary
9 Mr. Ganesh Thakur Student Representative Student Member
10 Ms. Apurva Patil Student Representative Student Member


Sr. No Name Designation Role
0 Mr. Mahesh Pardeshi Administration Staff Member
1 Mr. Sagar Nagare Administration Staff Member
2 Mr. Nagnath Pawar Administration Staff Member
3 Mrs. Rupali Dhanwade Administration Staff Member

Students can register their complaints on:

Office No. 020 60123700

Email- [email protected]

Local Police Station No. 020-26970547

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