Brick school of architecture is starting it's regular online teaching and learning studios from 1st Aug 2020 for second to fourth year as suggested by you SPPU, UGC, Government Of Maharashtra Circular No. 116_13.062020

Note From President

President’s Message

Smt. Madhuri Misal


Satish Misal Educational Foundation’saim is to work towards improving the quality of education in India. Even though the world has radically changed in the last two centuries, the way children learn in our schools and colleges remains static. Most of it revolves around the industrial age. A lot of education is organized like an assembly line – including the classrooms, bells, one-directional knowledge transfer, and age-group specific learning. However, at SMEF, we want to challenge these outdated learning models by introducing modern teaching techniques for students in various creative sectors.

We’re embracing a forward-thinking educational system wherein individual knowledge and talent is nurtured and celebrated.

We’re also addressing the changed roles of teachers as not just knowledge givers, but more importantly, as guides to young minds.Together, we want to re-imagine education, promote creative talent and build a future where every innovative mind and smart thinker is given an equal opportunity to grow and develop.

  - Smt. Madhuri Misal

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