Note From President

President’s Message

Smt. Madhuri Misal


Satish Misal Educational Foundation’saim is to work towards improving the quality of education in India. Even though the world has radically changed in the last two centuries, the way children learn in our schools and colleges remains static. Most of it revolves around the industrial age. A lot of education is organized like an assembly line – including the classrooms, bells, one-directional knowledge transfer, and age-group specific learning. However, at SMEF, we want to challenge these outdated learning models by introducing modern teaching techniques for students in various creative sectors.

We’re embracing a forward-thinking educational system wherein individual knowledge and talent is nurtured and celebrated.

We’re also addressing the changed roles of teachers as not just knowledge givers, but more importantly, as guides to young minds.Together, we want to re-imagine education, promote creative talent and build a future where every innovative mind and smart thinker is given an equal opportunity to grow and develop.

  - Smt. Madhuri Misal

Accessible Education for One and All

At SMEF, we strongly believe that knowledge is power. It has the strength to change the world, build better futures and contribute towards an equal, humane and sustainable society. An initiative of Ms. Pooja Misal, with the strong support of Smt. Madhuri Misal, the foundation aspires to create a long-term impact on the quality of education in India.

Envisioning a large-scale impact in the field of education, we need dynamic institutions like the Brick, where education, development and knowledge is generated at multiple levels. To bring about a lasting change in the way students learn, we stimulate learning outside classrooms too, wherein our students learn from local community initiatives. We’re also re-visiting assessment techniques and standards to focus on the student’s journey, efforts, and progress. We’re building skills for the future workplace with intellectual learning so that our students can address the design challenges of the 21st century.

Education isn’t a privilege but a right that everyone deserves to own. At SMEF, we strive every day to make quality education accessible to every aspiring student so that he/she can contribute towards building a remarkable nation. SMEF is well-equipped to deliver the most innovative methods of teaching, learning, ideation, research, and solutions for a better tomorrow.


To create an inclusive learning atmosphere where teachers effectively engage with students and impart the ability to communicate, collaborate and compete in a global economy with strong skills, in-depth knowledge and humility. To provide quality education to design professionals with pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity while connecting theory and practical by engaging professionals, educators, and practitioners.


To design curriculums not confined to academics, but also related to collaboration, social connections, emotions and feelings. To support eco-friendly practices and contribute towards a sustainable future through the learning process. To generate resourceful and interactive learning environments. To embrace leadership as a trait of entrepreneurship and help students fuel their dreams with all the support possible.


Creating an open platform for learning that welcomes every student from diverse cultural backgrounds and unique thought processes. Giving every student the freedom to learn, and the encouragement to become life-long learners. Promoting education across all branches and sectors, thus promoting a holistic learning experience that extends beyond classrooms. Building a bridge between teachers and students to ensure open communication and promote a two-way learning process. Embracing the new role of teachers as facilitators, mentors, creative instructors, and even challengers at times. Developing social-emotional learning with skills like respect, listening, self-awareness and attention to foster mindfulness in education.

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