Library has a book collection of 2044 books. Due to global pandemic the physical form of library was not accessible to students & faculties so library committee has decided to subscribe for the database to bridge the gap between the library and the users. Institute had subscribed for the database called “K-Hub”. This database provides 1000+e- journals, 1000+ e-books, 100+ videos, Newsletter, Abstracts, and Articles etc related to architecture.
Library uses KOHA library software for proper organization of the library material, Software is upgraded time to time. One terminal is reserved for students to search information of availability and issue of Books. Web based Library Software with Web OPAC, Email & SMS Alert etc. (Online Public Access Catalogue- OPAC) and Single Window Where Complete Information about the Users Along with Circulation Status, Fine Status, Contact Details, Reading & circulation History etc.
Issue return process is fully automated and manual cards are kept as supporting documents for students and faculty.


Library Committee:

Sr. No Name Designation Role in Committee
1 Ms. Pooja Misal Director Director
2 Ar. Poorva Keskar Principal Chair Person
3 Ar. Mayuresh Shirolkar HOD- RDID Committee Member
4 Ar. Manali Deshmukh Academic Coordinator Committee Member
5 Ar. Vaidehi Lavand Asso. Professor Committee Member
6 Aditi Wadwale-Joshi Asst. Librarian Committee Member

Collection Categories :


Institute Library collection is categorized into 5 baskets:

  • Design related
  • Construction and Technology related
  • History related
  • Skills related
  • Interior Design Related

Library Working Hours:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 08am to 5.30pm
  • Saturdays: 9.30am to 1.30pm.
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed.



1) Taking Library To Classrooms
Institute library has taken a small step for students which is called “Taking library to Classrooms”. Under this initiative committee have fixed magazine/Book stands in studios/classrooms for keeping old issues of magazines so that student’s can browse through them in their free time. This will inculcate the habit of reading books in students.

2) Library Event: Chai With An Author
Every year an event is organized by Institute library under which the committee invites an author from different fields of expertise for a free dialogue with the students over tea. This event is organized to get students interested in reading books pertaining to allied fields and Interdisciplinary Design fields other than architecture which is important for their holistic growth.

3) Chai And Breakfast With Your Librarian:
Under this activity BSOA library arrange a visit to local book suppliers shop. Interested faculty members could join librarian for selection of books for library along with CHAI and BREAKFAST. This session is organized once in every 4 months where 2 faculties along with librarian can join.


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