Places for informal interaction and learning

The pedagogy at brick is also about connecting with the students and bringing the best out of them. The outdoor and open areas facilitate very good interaction between the students and also between students and faculty. At times the classes also happen through interaction in these areas.

Counseling room

The institute provides counselling to the students and members of the institute with the aim to have greater mental health for better functionality of students, promoting healthy development of students and college as a whole. For Individual Counselling there is a room.

Counselling is done by helping counselee to identify own triggers for Distress and help Identify his own resources on basis of principle of empowerment and assist to resolve Personal, Social, Psychological difficulties.

Common rooms

Both Girls’ and Boys’ common rooms are spacious and airy. They have various indoor game facilities like carom board and chess.

Stationery Shop

The Brick campus inhabits its own stationery shop to facilitate the students with the necessary stationery as and when required.

Medical Care

The first aid facility is available on campus for emergencies and a tie up with a nearby local hospital is been made for immediate support.

Various universally accessible spaces like ramps and bridges act as connecting ambiguous spaces at the campus. These elements add life accommodating various student activities

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