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PMC Wall painting Competition

PMC Wall painting Competition

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A 35m long wall opposite E-square University Road is beautified by 25 students of SMEF's Brick School of Architecture in the course of 3 days. The painting is done in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation. The painted wall shows the evolution of Pune city and its development; where the past-present-future is explained throw various graphics. It is a single line painting which connects the whole 35m wall without a break. The intermingling lines are used to depict the diverse culture coming together in the city. The wall features important landmarks and personalities of Pune, starting from the origin of Pune, the Mula- Mutha river. Then it advances to the Kasba peth, Lal Mahal, Vishrambaug Wada and Shanivar Wada. It further depicts the Aga Khan Palace, Savitribai Phule University and I.T hub leading to the advancement of Pune city. Names of the participants: Pushkar Runwal Spandan Devi Punit Jain Adarsha Kakde Omkar Gund RohitGadekar Jatin Lalwani Jai Karvande Gaurav Mali Aditya Savalkar Amay Rathi Vishwaja Dhankvade Asmita Khot Apoorva Shinde Akansha Oak Shrinidhi Bhutala Shubham Gandhi Unmesh Lele Kajol Jain Radhika Maheshwari Anushka Khandelwal Aditya Mokal Urja Laddha Garima Mutha Manokamna Bajaj Vivek Chokoti Dewang Gunjal Rounak Parera Atharva S Kaiwalya Vaishnavi Sejal Yash Bhandari Aanchal Vaishnavi Nirupam Karan Achyut Aditya Sawalkar Vedika shinde.

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