Ar. Sharduli Joshi

Architect, Environmental Planner

Assistant Professor


Design lab

Core team Member

Areas of expertise:
Urban and Environmental Planning, Rural Planning and Development, Arts and Crafts

Teaching profile (subjects):
Architectural Design, Architectural Drawing and Graphics, Working Drawing, Workshop and Model making, Environmental sciences

[email protected]

Brief Biography:
Sharduli is an Architect with specialization in Urban and environmental planning with 4 years of professional experience. She has worked on various projects of different spatial scales such as interiors, residential, commercial, environmental, rural planning etc. Along with her partner, she has architectural practice in Pune. She is also a Founder Partner of 'Crafts Meade' an Art Craft and Design Initiative , under which she has conducted multiple workshops and seminars.

Key Competencies:
Communicates and connects to students very easy, team player, brings positive energy to the studio

Professional profile:
"Sharduli has worked with various offices like ‘Integrid design consultants’, ‘Srishti Eco Research Institute’ and ‘Urcon Consultants’. Currently, She is associated with SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture, Pune since July 2014 as an Assistant Professor. She has published papers on various topics, presented at national and international conferences. "

Academic Profile:
Sharduli has graduated with a Gold medal in 2010 from A. B. College of Architecture, Sangli, Shivaji Unversity, Kolhapur. Later She has pursued masters degree in Environmental Planning (M.Plan) from CEPT University in 2013. She has enrolled herself in a PhD program.

Sharduli adores travelling and photography. She also enjoys good music. In her spare time she likes to engage herself in Water colour paintings, Acrylic paintings, Learning and teaching different types of traditional crafts.

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