Ar. Girija Indulakar

Master of Urban Design, KRVIA, Mumbai (2016) and Bachelors of architecture, S.P.S.M.B.H's College of Architecture, Kolhapur (2013)

Assistant Professor (BSOA)


Thinking lab, Design lab

Core team Member

Areas of expertise:
Urban Design, Urban conservation, Housing

Teaching profile (subjects):
Architecture Design (Housing and Urban Design), Dissertation, Thesis

[email protected]

Brief Biography:
Girija Indulkar is a practicing architect with a master’s degree in Urban Design. Her projects span across scales of interior design, architecture and urbanism. She holds expertise in research and design of various aspects of public realm. Her work showcases thorough understanding of tangible and intangible aspects of public realm to provide a holistic intervention which increase the spatial quality and experience for the end-user. Her academic interests include theoretical writing on Architecture and Urbanism. She believes in using creative pedagogy which makes learning more informative, interactive and interesting.

Key Competencies:
Employs creative pedagogies, Leadership and People management skills, Design Research, Creative thinking.

Professional profile:
"Being a proactive team player, Girija has been able to complete various architectural and interior design projects. Her design philosophies are a reflection of principles and design ethics of her role model , Master architect B.V Doshi. Girija has worked as a junior architect for a year with Swapnil architects in Kolhapur. She has also worked on various architectural and urban design completions till date. "

Academic Profile:
Girija is been teaching as an assistant professor in Brick school of architecture, Pune since 2017. She is a core person handling the fourth year housing and urban design studios. She has conducted housing studios which focuses on the livability and is more end-user friendly, more humane and community driven. She also led the Urban design studios focused on contemporary urban issues like The Pune metro and its Urban interface, Fringe area development of Pune, Wellbeing through principles of New urbanism etc. She is a key person in curating the Urban Design publication of fourth year since 2017. She has been the elective and allied elective coordinator for fourth and fifth year. She is also a coordinator of the annual NASA Competition. Apart from academics, she handles the social media and Website of the institute.

Her love for travelling and photography helps her draw inspiration from our surroundings and nature. She displays exemplary painting and sketching skills. She also enjoys singing and reading in her free time.

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